Data Policy

Informative Note about Data Regulation Protection (EU 2016/679)

Information obligation according to Art. 13 and 14 of DSGVO (Germany)

§ 1 information about the raising and processing of personal data:

  1. We inform ablout the raising and processing of personal data when using our website. Personaöl data are all data that identify yourself, e.g. name, address, email address and way of utilization.
  1. Responsable person at our side relative to Art. 4, section 7 of the EU data regulation provisions (DSGVO) is Dr. Dirk Richter, Hauptstr. 85, D 54486 Mülherim an der Mosel, e-mail:

Our data protection manager is Ms Rosi Rossinkel at or by mail: Ms Rosi Rosswinkel, c/o Max Ferd. Richter, Hauptstr. 85, D 54486 Mülheim / Mosel

  1. When you get in contact with us by using email note or a cotact data form we will store your information in our files (such as email address, anme telephone and/or fax number) enabling us to answer your questions and queries we will save your information in our files. Those dates will be deleted and cancelled once storing is no longer necessary or we terminate their usage in case there are legal safekeeping requirements.
  1. In case we are using third parties services to execute partial elements of our genereal offrings or want to use your personal data for marketing purposes, we will send detailed report about those actkivities and the criteria of the storing time.

§ 2 your rights:

  1. You have got the following rights towards our Company related to your personal 


  • The right of receiving information
  • The right of correction and cancelling
  • The right of usage restrictions
  • The right of data usage revocation
  • The right of personal data transfer
  1. You have got as wellt he right to complain about our handling of your personal data towards the data protection supervising board.

§ 3 rising of personal data through the visit of our homepage

  1. In case you just visit our website ( and do not register or send any information to us we just raise those personal data, that your browser is transmitting to our server. Visiting our website we process the following data that is technically required to present our website to you and guarantees the stability and security of that process (according to Art. 6, sect. 1 ,sentence 1, letter f DSGVO)
  1. raised data:
  • IP- adress
  • Date and time of the request
  • Time zone difference towards Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Contents of your request
  • http-status code
  • transaction volume
  • website initiating the request
  • the used browser
  • operating system and graphical desktop
  • language and mode of browser software
  1. In addition to the previously mentioned data handling the visit of our website leads to implementing cookies in your Computer.The cookies are small files that will be organized and stored in your harddrive according to your chosen browser. Certain information will fill up the file position that is being set by the cookie transferred through us. Cookies are not able to execute programs or implement any virus in your Computing system. These are necessary to make internet offrings more effective and more customer friendly.

§ 3 revocation and contradiction of using your personal data

Your given approval to use your data in future can be withdrawn by you any time in full or partially. Such a recall will finish and lead to cancellation the usage of your personal data once we did receive your revocation…